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A month of gratitude

Marcy Westphal, Senior Designer

As we turn our calendars to November, we are filled with memories of family, friends, pumpkin pie — things we hold dear. For us, this is a month to reflect on who and what for which we are truly thankful.

The same can hold true in our business relationships as well. Why not use this month to say thank you to those donors who have helped your organization reach their ever-growing goals? A simple note of gratitude can mean a world of difference to how your donor views your group and cause. The key to expressing your message is to keep the words personal and unique — like you would write to a close friend. You can be sincere and warm or funny and grateful, just get creative and make sure your message is engaging. You want to reinvent the happiness they felt when they made their gift, and let them know they are more than just monetary support, they are a lifeline to your cause.

Now, we understand that the act of writing a ‘thank you’ may not be so simple for some. So don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here are some fun tips that will help inspire your inner writer and make your donors feel appreciated and thankful that they have partnered with such a worthy organization!