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Dance, dance revolution!

Meredith Federle, Designer

Today we’re celebrating International Dance Day, since we know dance and/or any kind of motion are great creative energy stimulants for the brain! Getting our “groove” on allows us to use muscles we might not use on a daily basis. Dance/activity builds up both sides of our brain,  facilitating better interactions and brainstorming, giving our minds a more well-rounded ability. And at Shelle Design, we’re all about having a well-rounded mind. That might explain why we have been known to break out into dance unexpectedly. Whether it’s Meredith [trying her best to] moonwalk into her office or Marcy breaking into Zumba steps, most of us here have dance fever throughout the year.

Here are some of the most popular dances that your feet and brain might enjoy…
  1. Moonwalk: the dance made famous by the late (and great) Michael Jackson.
  2. The Hokey Pokey: the first dance we learn as kids (besides the potty dance).
  3. The Hustle: the dance that put disco on the map.
  4. The Charleston: the dance of the south!
  5. The Robot: this dance requires skill, practice makes perfect.
Now that you have the moves, what are you waiting for… get jiggy with it!
Image: Jacob O’Neal/Animagraffs