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Secret Santa made easy!

Marcy Westphal, Senior Designer

Tis the season for everyone to come together and draw names for a company or family Secret Santa exchange. But, it’s often difficult to get everyone in one spot for this customary event, even harder to do it without drawing your own name! Don’t you wish there was a way that you could simplify the Secret Santa saga? Well, your wish has been granted! We discovered the website this year, and our exchanges have never been jollier! is a free website that makes gift giving easy. It only takes four simple steps to organize your exchange:

  1. Invite friends and family through email
  2. Have them accept their invitations
  3. Hit the Exchange button to draw names (your secret name is sent directly to your email address)
  4. Exchange gifts at your event!
Elfster allows you to customize your event page, wish lists and more! They even give you the option to check out trending gift ideas and leave/send messages for your Secret Santa(s) (all anonymously, of course!). It really puts the secret back into Secret Santa!