creative energy that speaks


We hear ya!

Michele King, President

Having grown up in a musical family, my parents introduced me to sharing my talents with others. Music was a huge inspiration to my artistic endeavors and seemed to enable the creative release of ideas. At a young age, my mother was not shy in volunteering my musicianship (often without my permission, pride beaming) for many events and special occasions.

Most of the time, she encouraged me to deliver solo, but what I enjoyed the most was performing with another person or group—harmonizing was much more challenging. I could explore and collaborate with the talents of others to deliver a smile, a tear or just a good dose of inspiration.

Looking back, it’s a practice I continue to thrive on and promote in my professional life. The harmony produced through our client partnerships echoes every day here at SDi. Our best ideas are borne through trusting partnerships that are based on…

1. Enthusiasm! A positive attitude sparks excitement for collaboration.

2. Mutual respect. Different points of view expand the creative possibilities.

3. Appreciation for the creative process. Success is achieved by setting realistic expectations.

4. Positive impact. Opportunities generated that make a real difference for others.

5. Follow through. The responsibility to effectively implement ideas and measure their results.

This being said, we know successful relationships don’t happen over night. Trust develops based on previous experiences, personalities involved and specific situations, not just by business performance. Being accepting of an individual’s business challenges and unique personality can deepen the relationship level for a more productive partnership, creating a true collaboration—a feeling that you’re being HEARD. And that’s where we come in.

This month marks the beginning of the next 25 years in business for SDi. Along the way, we have celebrated with you and watched as our collective energies have come to life in tangible ways—touching the lives of your members, your clients and you partners alike.

Stay tuned throughout 2014 as we renew our commitment to be the other half of your “dynamic duo”—the JT to your Jay-Z, the Salt to your Pepa, the Sonny to your Cher. To help you be seen, but mostly HEARD.