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Putting the “break” back into Spring Break!

Marcy Westphal, Senior Designer

With spring break happening this week in Rush County, many of us are in vacation mode. Daydreaming of tropical beaches, poolside service and sunsets that don’t involve a winter coat! But, sometimes the trouble with vacations is feeling the need for another once you return. Wouldn’t it be nice to get away and know that when you get back to the office you’d be energized to jump right back in? Feel inspired to tackle the next project and LOVE it. After all, isn’t that the point of a vacation?

After some searching, I’ve come up with some sweet tips that will help get you back into the office without that added post-vacation stress.

#1: Wrap it up before you leave
Before you say “adios” to work, finish up those important projects. Sorry, but this does include going through all of your emails. This will keep you worry free from work. (Added bonus: it also makes it easier to come back when you don’t have a full desk or inbox waiting for you!)

#2: Bring it home early
Return home from vacation a day or two early. Put the focus on relaxing at home — this will help you to recover from your trip and make that transition back easier. The thought of knowing that all of your post-vacation chores can be checked off the list… priceless!

#3: Share your adventure
Make time on your first day back to share your vacation with others. Go out to lunch with your co-workers, share some exciting stories and bring photos of your trip. This will help you to remember how you felt on vacation and spread smiles around.

#4: Keep it simple
Try not to do too much on your first day back. Set small goals and stick with them. Focus on cleaning out your inbox and returning phone calls. By keeping your goals simple, you will be able to focus better on the task at hand. Not to mention it will feel great at the end of the day to cross off a couple of things on your list. Wahoo!

#5: Liven it up
Having your energy level up on your first day back is important. It will set the tone for the rest of the week. Try doing relaxing exercises or listening to fun music at your desk. No need to break out into a dance party, but anything you can do to keep your mood in a happy, Zen-like state is encouraged.

#6: Leave some for later
Remembering to leave work for the next day is important. You don’t have to prove you’re a super hero by trying to accomplish everything on your first day back. Spreading your work throughout the week is key. This will help you stay balanced in the office. Do not undo what you experienced on vacation. Relax a little!