creative energy that speaks


Solving the “puzzle” of organizing creativity

Kristen Barada, Marketing Strategist

pro·duc·tion man·ag·er [pruh-duhk-shuhn] [man-i-jer] noun

  1. puzzle solver extraordinaire who seeks challenges that excite both the creative and detailed side of his/her personality.
  2. (e.g. ME!)

For every project that comes through the Shelle Design doors, large or small, each has its own individual story that needs to be told in order to be successful. The client reviews project goals, and it is our job to create successful, consistent messages and visuals that evoke emotion and communicates clearly.

We feel one of our key differentiators from the competition is that we take the time to truly unravel and organize every project—like a puzzle—to assist each client in telling their story. Got a challenging project with budget restrictions, content, photos and graphics but you can’t make heads or tails? Need a creative concept and messaging to raise money for a capital campaign? We’ll gladly turn your frown upside down and put all the pieces together for you.

As the production manager at SDi, there are few projects that I don’t touch in some capacity. I am involved from beginning to end. Here are just few key points that help me stay organized, on task, on budget, and on deadline (all of which are important for every project, and you can use too!)…

Daily, I am (and you should be):
• Listening and trusting of others and those with whom I/you work closely
• Flexible
• A problem solver
• Organized and focused on work ethic
• A coordinator, juggling many different jobs at one time on a day-to-day basis
• A scheduler, setting timelines/deadlines for most projects
• Open-minded and accepting to learn new things
• Creative and curious of mind
• Researching, researching and researching! (Before I can give my clients an intelligent recommendation, I must to do my research and gather information.)
• Credible, in order to be effective

When I was in college, I didn’t take a puzzle course to earn my degree in Communication (my parents are probably pretty happy about that!). I don’t even enjoy the flat, cardboard type of puzzles. But, I do find that our client’s creative puzzles test my ingenuity. In order to be a successful project manager, I/you have to touch all the pieces and see how they fit together. And, I do find that our tangible results are pretty awesome!