creative energy that speaks


Let. It. Happen.

Meredith Federle, Designer

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

So often, we talk about creativity in relation to doing something (or making it happen).

Try this new creative exercise, sink into some great music, get out of the office, run — there always seems to be a new “get creative quick” solution. And, don’t get me wrong; these practices are very useful in most situations. As the fiercely wise Maya Angelou alluded to, when it comes to creativity, the more you work to stretch your creative muscles, the stronger they become.

But my hope is that you understand not to confuse working on/developing your right brain with literal work, or the thinking that you always have to be in pursuit of inspiring creativity to gain more of it. Most of the time, it’s just as important to allow that moment to happen, to let inspiration act on you, instead of seeking or forcing it. If you go into a situation (a museum exhibit, new book, vacation, etc.) expecting inspiration, you’re bound to miss out on the hidden inspiration that your mind would probably find on its own. You have to be a little courageous to be creative, and trust and believe that it will come. (And if you can’t at some moment for some reason, know that others/we do!)

It’s just as true that if you practice stepping back to allow inspiration to come and happen to you, you open yourself up to inspiration finding you more often in daily life. And when you least expect just makes for an even more exciting creative process, as far as we’re concerned!

We lost an amazing poet, leader and woman last Wednesday in Ms. Angelou’s passing, but her words continue to inspire (they inspired this entry!) and her creative energy is out lingering in the world, meant to happen upon you… if you let it.