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Photo credit: Penrod Arts Fair


More than a box store

Have you ever experienced the thrill of finding the perfect gift… something you simply can’t live without? This happens to me often, but even more so when I am around objects and people that inspire me… Read More


An inspired tourist

It’s the time of year that most think about getting away from their work routines and plan some vacation time. Siding with the majority, I left my professional happy place… Read More


Let. It. Happen.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou Read More


Solving the “puzzle” of organizing creativity

For every project that comes through the Shelle Design doors, large or small, each has its own individual story that needs to be told in order to be successful… Read More


Putting the “break” back into Spring Break!

With spring break happening this week in Rush County, many of us are in vacation mode. Daydreaming of tropical beaches, poolside service… Read More


We hear ya!

Having grown up in a musical family, my parents introduced me to sharing my talents with others. Music was a huge inspiration to my artistic endeavors and seemed to enable the creative release of ideas… Read More


A little advice—from our resident dairy farmer to designers everywhere

As the business/office manager of a creative marketing firm, you probably don’t hear much from me until your project reaches its very final stages (and even then, we may only communicate over email or checks sent through the mail)… Read More


‘Tis the season to be jolly!

During this time of year, that’s about all it takes for me to withdraw and head back into my dark, comfy office where the heater’s always running. Read More


Five lessons I’ve learned about being a successful creative (aka: a “weirdo”)

One of the most important things I learned in school was to surround yourself with great people. (That’s half the creative battle.) I’ve been a designer for 18 years, the last four of those spent freelancing at PR firms, agencies and publishers. This means I have worked with a wide variety of coworkers and clients: educators, bankers, photographers, homemakers, gamers, doctors… you name it. Read More


A world of color

When I was little girl, my late grandmother saw to it that I developed an appreciation for gardening. She loved the bursts of color that nature provided and always had a spread of varying plants/colors that lined the walk to her back door and vegetable garden. Read More